At the Front

"Who are we?" ATF has been in existence in one form or another since 1992. We provide exact reproduction WWII uniforms and gear for reenactors, collectors, museums and films. This all began in 1980 when I went to my first reenactment. (I was 13). After high school, I joined the Army, where I was well paid to jump out of planes and helicopters, go on long hikes with heavy rucksacks, and learn all sorts of new and inappropriate ways to communicate. During college, I returned to reenacting, and a lack of reproduction A-frames inspired me to learn to make them. Starting a business was the last thing on my mind- but suddenly people were giving me money to make stuff. I expanded into other German fieldgear, and set up an industrial Pfaff sewing machine in my Mom's basement- then I started doing gun and militaria shows, and through more accident than clever design, the business kept growing. 30+ years later, here we are.

Most of our products are made exclusively for us to our own specifications in our own shop or by contractors in the US and overseas. This allows us far greater flexibility and control than any other company, the majority of whom simply purchase from several common wholesalers and are thus at their mercy for quality control and production schedules.

ATF is now located in central Kentucky, near Lake Cumberland.

Business Philosophy: We
endeavor to make the best quality products possible, deliver them quickly, and without any BS. I have over 30 years of personal experience in this market, first as a customer and later as a dealer. My company's business practices reflect these lessons and seek to prevent any problems for our customers as well as ourselves. Some of ATF's policies are not popular (no pre-orders, no payment plans, no layaway), but they are for YOUR protection as much as our own. ATF will not take your money for an item we do not have. Returns and refunds are handled promptly.

The business of recreating any historic item is a bit like forensics. ATF, in 95% of cases, first acquires an original item of the product to be replicated, and researches the history and details through the best sources available. Many historical misconceptions exist regarding color, patterns and construction of militaria. Many people do not realize that most items were produced in millions or tens of millions and there are variations among them. We try to copy the most "typical" pattern, but sometimes we are restricted due to the unavailability of certain materials. Bottom line, ATF does not "make up" our colors or patterns. We copy original uniforms and gear, not other reproductions or video game screenshots.

-Rollin Curtis