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M1943 Field Jacket


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M1943 Field Jacket:
The M1943 Field Uniform was the result of several years of experimentation and development by the US Army Quartermaster. It was to replace the completely inadequate M1941 Field Jacket. The uniform consisted of a 4 pocket jacket and matching trousers made from windproof sateen cotton. The uniform was designed as a layered system, meant to be worn over the wool shirt and trouser and in conjunction with a wool sweater and liners in colder weather. The uniform was first issued to elements of the 3rd Infantry Division fighting at Anzio in Italy in February/ March 1944 for field testing.

Due to disagreements between the Quartermaster and Generals Bradley and Eisenhower, these uniforms didn't appear in France until September of 1944 with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions who had been re-equipped with them in England. However, supply shortages meant that the troops in the infantry and armored divisions were never fully converted to the new uniform.

ATF's M1943's: Our M1943 Field Uniforms are unique to us. No other vendor sells these same M1943 Jackets. We used mint, unissued 1943 dated uniforms as samples, spent several years developing these with our overseas contractor and the results are top notch. The quality of these is equal to or better than any uniform we have manufactured at a price half what one we made would cost. In other words, these are not made in the USA, but if we lied and claimed otherwise, the quality is so good no one would question it.

These M43's feature a cotton sateen shell with early production olive drab #3 (khaki) poplin lining. This generation is a copy of the Feb '44 contract field jackets. (These differ from those made in November '43 only in having the neck label.)

Sizing: Order your normal chest size. These are sized exactly like the originals- we even have the QM spec sheet for them. The field jacket was part of a layered system- it was designed to be worn over several other garments. Therefore, they are made larger than most jackets. The standard for men's coats is 6" over the marked chest size- M43's are 9" over. This is a US Army/ QMC historical fact, not a mistake.

Downsizing: Many people want to order several sizes smaller for a sharper, sexy-man appearance. The problem is that the shoulders are not so oversized as the chest. For example, I wear a 44R- a 42 fits, but the shoulders don't feel large enough. So, our answer (again) is to ORDER YOUR NORMAL SIZE.

Note: There is no specific "paratrooper" version- the airborne wore the same M1943 Field Jacket as the rest of the Army.


About Original M1943 Field Uniforms

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