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German WWII Battle Flag, cotton, 2 x 3

Price: $29.99

Product Code: COFLAG


Reproduction German WWII Battle Flag. Correctly screen printed on cotton* cloth. Perfect size for your display, "war room", or to hang on the wall at school. (Just kidding). These compare well to original WWII flags- they are not modern in appearance.
Measures approximately 2' x 3'

Weenie Notes:
Holy cow these have been meathead magnets. What is it about flags that draws out the raving lunatics?

1. Many of these have minor printing flaws, or a spot of black ink dripped on them, a loose stitch or small weaving flaws in the cloth. They are hand printed overseas- it's the consequence of cheap, cheap, cheap. If you want to be ultra-discriminating, fine, but you get to pay the shipping back and forth. Overall, these look very good, but we have had an unusual number of people nitpicking these things as though they are a new Rolex...

2. The fabric looks like that of an original flag, but we don't have a lab test on the exact fabric content. It passed a burn test- it doesn't melt, it ashes.

3. Sorry, these don't have Waffenamts, dates, maker marks or original Fuhrer signatures. You can mark them however you wish.

4. And, last but not least...this one requires pictures:

Your flag is not backwards...
These are pics of an original WWII Battle Flag. Because they are screen printed, no matter how hard the factory tries,
the swastika will be "backwards" on one side. No, I'm not making this up.
Our reproductions are no more backwards than the flags used by the real Wehrmacht.

Left side

Right side