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Reproduction M1939 Jackboots


Price: $159.99

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No Restock on Jackboots is currently possible. The tanneries in China were shut down due to pollution, and the factory has thus far had no luck finding a new source. We looked into shipping US leather to them, but that would have been taxed with a 100% duty so that closed that door. As of now (2013) we have no idea how to get more made or if we can.
New jackboots. A pair of mint, unissued, early pattern Model 1939 Jackboots was used for the pattern. These are made from heavy vegetable tanned leather featuring rough-out toe and flesh side shafts. Soles and heels are also leather. Pullstraps are tan cotton HBT web. 7 sided Hobnails and flanged heel irons are correct reproduction WWII pattern.
Yes, these are made in China. Quality is decent.
We are working on higher end boots with wood pegged soles, but they will cost twice as much.
Sizes: These are marked like originals- with lot numbers and metric ("European") sizes. Here's how we converted them. They may not be the same way as YOU convert your East German officer strutting boots...but this is what we did:
8 = 27
9 = 28
10 = 29
11 = 30
12 = 31
13 = 32
Hobnails and heel irons: All boots come with hobnails and heel irons already installed. Yes, these look like W.W.II nails. They are reproductions. Hobnails are like tires, they will eventually wear out or fall out. (If you lose a few hobnails, that doesn't count as a defect. Originals lose them too. You must use a shoe last to install them!
Shafts: 17-18" (44-46cm) circumference, 13"-13.5" (33-34cm) tall, depending on the boot size. (Including the heel, these are about 15" tall in total.) The only detail we could not replicate was the wood peg construction on the soles. I know, we'll be cast into the eternal fires of farb-hell by a handful of devout stitch nazis for this assault on their authenticity. Most of these peg fascists are so damned fat that they risk asphyxiation if they bend over far enough to even glimpse their shoes in the first place much less count pegs. Anyway, who would be so insensitive as to criticize girth? Even alluding to the farb factor of beer bellies is akin to pointing out that Jesus' casting of demons into a few thousand pigs and inspiring them to commit suicide was an overt act of animal cruelty (not to mention the ruin of some poor farmers' livelihood). Anyway...if you're a wood peg nazi, leave us alone. And no, we don't know whether it's possible to drill holes in the soles in order to glue in toothpicks to imitate pegs. (Yes, several future astronauts have really asked this question.)
Construction: Rough-out toe, flesh side upper.
Toe: The ever-intimidating "shark nose" profile. Color: These will be made in natural brown, just as the original WWII boots were. A black sample was made, but inky jet black simply doesn't look right. It's "unauthentic" anyway.

Alternative drying techniques 101: Do NOT dry these with a clothes dryer or next to an open flame. They will fossilize. We thought that this went without saying, but alas, we were wrong. Again. If you get them wet, simply air dry them. We're talking atmosphere here, not a Maytag. Dye Service: We do not offer dying services of any kind. If you want them blacked, you must do that yourself. This is as they were issued in W.W.II. Blacking was up to the soldier. If you wish to dye them black we now offer dye kits.

Why brown? I agonized over this. Honestly. But we had a sample made in black and it simply didn't look right. Originals started out brown, and usually have a bit showing through. Inky jet black looks wrong. This was not a scheme to sell dye or another one of my sadistic stunts. We won't dye them here as it takes too long for the boots to dry and we don't have the space to spare for rows of wet boots. This worked out well for the Luftwaffe and WWI re-enactors anyway. Custom order me a pair? No. Not possible. Unless you want 700 pairs...

Officer Boots? No. Not in the near future. Boots without hobnails to preserve the paint on my kooblekar? No. You'll have to pry them out yourself or have a cobbler resole them with rubber soles if you're doing a SS Ninja impression.

  • Complete with hobnails and heel irons (picture 2)
  • After being dyed and treated using available dye kit (picture 3)