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USM Bondockers/ Roughouts


No Restock. The manufacturer is out of business.
Price: $139.99

Product Code: USFMCB

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For the 10,000th time: There will be no restock on these! Never, ever. The company that made them went under 2 years ago. There are a couple of other place overseas that make WWII boots but their quality is total dog crap and they cost more than these so I won't carry them.

Cheap boots are gone.

The main problem is this: Shoe factories overseas (the land of cheap shoes) require minimum orders of 5,000 pairs. No one (who is any good) will do 500. The US made boots are much better, but they aren't as cheap as many people think they should be. Welcome to the costs of manufacturing in the USA. Now you know why Walmart makes it all in China....


1. These are IDENTICAL to the Army "roughout" Service Shoes, except for the tread pattern. Many people are using them in place of the now unavailable, reproduction Army boots.

2. These particular, imported boots cannot be replaced since the manufacturer is out of business. There will be no restock. We have US made roughouts of higher quality, but they are nearly twice the price.

Standard issue field shoes used by US Marines throughout WWII. These feature roughout leather uppers and rubber soles and heels. Boondockers were worn both with and without leggings by all Marines in the Pacific Theater. The only deviation from the originals on these are the soles. We were unable to find a company that could put the nylon cord shreds into the rubber.