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Standard issue field shoes used by US Marines throughout WWII. These feather roughout leather uppers and rubber soles and heels. Boondockers were worn both with and without leggings by all Marines in the Pacific Theater. The only deviation from the originals on these are the soles. We were unable to find a company that could put the nylon cord shreds into the rubber. If you gotta have cord shreds to feel authentic, we cannot help you!

*Fit: These run about a full size larger than marked. If you intend to wear them with insoles and thick socks, order your normal size. If you are only going to wear cotton socks, then order a size smaller. We copied original WWII boots, which were sized larger than today's shoes. Imported.

Boondocker FAQ:
1. Paramarine Boots???? No. We have absolutely no plans to offer "Paramarine" boots.
2. Other sizes? No chance for at least 2 years (2009). As stated below, these were an accident and there is a very limited demand for USMC uniforms.
3. Are these like "Army roughouts"? Yes. The only real difference are the soles.
4. Were these used with leggings? Yes, Marines were issued leggings to wear with these, but they often discarded ("lost") them. The USMC leggings are similar but not identical to those worn by the Army.
5. USMC Leggings??? Working on them...
6. Custom make me a pair in my size? Sure! For about $40,000, we can put you in touch with the factory, so you can order a custom size to your liking. $40K??? (Plus a few thousand for freight, duties and taxes) Yes, they'll make any size so long as you order at least 100 pairs of that size (plus a $1,000 last charge) and 500 total pairs of boots. Prepaid...

Returns: Used boots are not returnable, except in cases of product failure. (Sole falls off, eyelets out, etc). Try them on in the house and walk around the living room and be sure they fit before polishing, sealing or wearing them in the field.

Squeaks: Some of these boots squeak when new. For the uninitiated, that's not a diabolical plan on our part to alert Jap snipers to your presence. It's a fact of life with leather boots and shoes. It will normally work itself out as they break in. My Corcorans squeaked when I first got them in the Army. (The real Army...) If your boots have not been worn, you may return them. If the boots are worn, a squeak is not a defect warranting replacement. It's not a defect. It's leather. Someday we'll see about getting custom-made-squeak-free vinyl boots made...

Loose Eyelets: We have had several boots lose one or more eyelets. It appears that on one run, the dies were not adjusted properly at the factory and some are improperly set. We have spare eyelets to match. We can send them to you or you may send us the boots and we'll fix them. If you are overseas, please contact us first as the shipping back and forth exceeds the cost of the boots. We will not reimburse international shipping.

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