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Standard issue field shoes used by US Marines throughout WWII. These feature roughout leather uppers and rubber soles and heels. Boondockers were worn both with and without leggings by all Marines in the Pacific Theater. The only deviation from the originals on these are the soles. We were unable to find a company that could put the nylon cord shreds into the rubber.

Note: This run of boots (2014) have a reinforcing rivet on each side (like roughout service shoes). Most original Boondockers do not have these, but there is no way to change them, and there will be no more boots coming since the factory is closing. This is not a workmanship flaw so we will not discount or consider them "seconds". We hope to have USA Made boots sometime in 2015, but they will cost over $200.

These are copied from original WWII boots which run about 1/2 size larger than modern shoes. So, if you wear a 10.5 in modern sizes, then a 10 will fit in our boots.

Other sizes? The factory which makes these is now out of business. Once a size is sold out, there will be no restock. We are searching for a new supplier, but so far we've had no luck. There will be no other sizes!

Treat your boots! "Roughout boots" need to be treated before they will be water repellent. Troops in WWII were issued "dubbing" which is a wax paste to rub into the outside of the boots. The best modern equivalent is "Sno-seal"- which is readily available online, at Walmart, hardware and many shoe stores and costs about $7-9 for an 8 oz jar. You can also fins original Army issue dubbing on ebay or some surplus stores for a similar price.

Perfection: We realize that some people are very discriminating about everything they wear. These are not Armani custom loafers- they are combat boots. One boot, or parts of a boot may be slightly "fuzzier" or darker in shade than the another, or there may be smudge from a dirty finger etc.. These are not defects on a combat boot- once you smear dubbing or Sno-Seal all over them, none of these "blemishes" will matter. Boots returned for such issues will not be exchanged- only a refund issued. We are not going to hunt for "the best" boots with the least fuzz etc, as was the case several times last year.
Approximate weight: 5 pounds

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