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Belt, Pistol, M1936, Original
Belt, Pistol, M1936, Original

Price: $59.99

Product Code: USGBPB

Unissued, WWII original pistol belts. These are in very good to excellent condition, the only "flaws" being some storage dust and some light corrosion on some of the eyelets. These are about 42" long when fully let out, so they will fit up to a 38 or 40 waist. (Modern pants lie. If you wear a "40", try measuring the trousers. 10 to 1 they measure 42 or 43 inches.) And yes, all of these belts are olive drab no. 3.

Collectors: Most that have legible dates are '41 or '42. Marking quality and crispness vary.

Khakiness: Yes, they are od3 in color, but there are about 20 different shades amongst them so they may or may not be your shade. None of them are the later OD #7 color. Being that these are absolutely, 110% original WWII, the authenticity of their color is beyond question. We have no sympathy for any khaki-nazi antics. If you want to play "khaki of the month club games", go somewhere else. If you must have beige, go to your local surplus store and get modern desert tan belt...

Size: We are absolutely, positively certain beyond all doubt that none of these belts are any longer. We do not have any "Hungry Man" size belts. We have no way to sew two together, and they quit making them 60 years ago, so I doubt we'll have any luck ordering any from the War Department.

Warranty: We offer no guarantee as such that these will hold up under hard use. They are in excellent shape, and should be fine. They aren't dry rotted or anything. We can replace eyelets if you lose one. However, as these are original WWII, 60+ years old, so we will not replace or exchange them if you blow them out or find a way to turn them purple. 

The last 10 I have right now do indeed have the US stamp on upside down. 06-24-2013

These are adjustable! Up or down...this should go without saying, but "goes without saying" appears to be an obsolete concept thanks to either the American diet, the public school systems or perhaps the invisible emissions from high tension power lines....