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US Helmet Net, Khaki

Price: $14.99

Product Code: USHHNS

Reproduction standard issue 1/2"-pattern cotton helmet net with drawstring, in khaki. Both these and the green nets were made an issued concurrently during WWII, but the green appears more common from looking at period photos. However, filthy dirty khaki nets will appear darker, so the actual color of the nets when new can be difficult to discern in original photos.

How to attach your helmet net to your helmet.

We've had several inquiries about how to put the helmet net onto the helmet. We thought it was pretty self-explanatory, but here are some instructions just in case. By the way, these nets WILL fit. The net material stretches.

1. Grasp each side of the net, one side in each hand, and pull to stretch. A Herculean effort is not necessary. Don't try to tear it in half like your 'ripping the phonebook in half' party trick.

2. Lay net flat and place helmet, top down, onto the net.

3. Bring up one corner to bale and slide chinstrap through one of the holes in the bottom of the net. Any of the many holes will work, there is not one specific one. Repeat for the other side.

4. Begin drawing string and tightening up the tension on the net. At this point, you can start to slide the net around the edge of the helmet. Just keep working the tension until the net is completely around the helmet.

5. Loosely tie off the string. Don't tie a permanent knot, just enough to hold the net on until you put in the helmet liner.

6. Insert helmet liner.