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U.S. M1941 Field Jacket

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The M1941 Field Jacket was introduced in 1940 and became the standard combat uniform for soldiers and Marines until the end of WWII. Based on recommendations from Maj. Gen. James Parsons, the jackets are hip length, loose fitting, and designed for freedom of movement. They are made from tightly woven, wind resistant, olive drab cotton poplin and lined with wool flannel cloth. Although comfortable and stylish, the M1941 was found to be lacking as a field jacket due to its relatively light weight and various design shortcomings. It was intended that it be replaced by the M1943 Field Jacket, but production delays and infighting between the Quartermaster and several commanders resulted in it serving until the end of the conflict.

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ATF's M41 Jackets: Most importantly, these particular reproduction M1941's are not available from any other company. We have spent several years developing and perfecting our field jackets. Ours cost more than those sold elsewhere, but there is a distinct difference in quality. Most reproductions are made from 3 oz. shirting poplin, and use cheap polyester knit for lining. Few are correctly patterned. By comparison, ATF's M1941's use custom woven 5 oz. 100% cotton poplin and our lining is the correct, 80% wool plain woven blend and we use genuine Talon brand zippers. For the pattern, I have accumulated (hoarded) originals in every size from 34-46. The design and size grades have been carefully checked so that we have an accurate, authentic fit.

Sizing: Order your normal chest size. We made our pattern directly from original, unissued (unworn, unmodified) field jackets. The most notable feature are the longish sleeves. They are 25" long on most regular sizes. That is equal to a 36.5" shirt- which is rather excessive for a "regular". However, for reasons unknown, that is how they were made in WWII. In years past we had shortened them as a business decision, but on this run, I decided to keep them just like the originals. This is no more "incorrect" than they were during World War II.

Color: These are the same color as the jackets worn in WWII. The official name in the Quartermaster Catalog (mine is dated August 1943) is "Jacket, Field, od"....those last two initials stand for "olive drab", not "khaki". These were matched to the color of unissued M1941 Jackets, which was olive drab no. 2 as per the Quartermaster specs from 1942. It is a pale olive color, not beige. When olive drab no. 2 fades, then it appears khaki. We copied authentic WWII uniforms in pristine, as-issued condition, not reproductions or video game screen shots.

Lining: The lining is now an 80/20 wool blend, the same as originals., (They were not 100% wool. We had a sample of original fabric tested.) I chose the mustard brown shade simply because I liked the contrast in colors. Original lining came in a wide range of shades, including this one.

Care: Dry Clean Only! If you wash or dry these in a machine, the wool lining will pill up (get fuzzy), and shrink dramatically causing the jacket to pucker. You can hand wash them in cool water and hang dry them as well.


If we made these in the USA, the price would double- and we'd have to import the fabrics.
  • - Patterns made from original samples
  • - Colors matched to original jackets
  • - Heavy cotton poplin shell
  • - Correct plain woven,wool blend lining
  • - Genuine, right opening Talon brand zipper
  • - Realistic spec labels
  • - Dry Clean Only!