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  44 Dot Tunic

Insignia sold separately.


Restock Spring 2015
Price: $74.99

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44 Dot Tunic Size*:

Spring 2015  

Fabric comparison

Original uniform and ATF

Tunic Rear

Cuff Detail


Tunic after 5 washings.

There will be no restock until 2015.

4 pocket, M43 pattern blouse issued to Waffen-SS troops from mid-1944 through the end of the War. These were intended to replace the pullover smocks, but never completely did so.

ATF's 44 dot: These uniforms are exclusive to us. No other vendor carries the same one. They were patterned from original, SS made uniforms. These are cut correctly both with regard to details and sizing. This uniform was worn in every conceivable way- alone, over a wool tunic and even under smocks.

Fabric & Color: Again, made from original samples, not other reproductions. The HBT fabric is 50/50 linen/cotton, and the camo pattern and colors are correct. No fantasy patterns or freaky colors to explain away...

Uniform Pattern: Most other reproductions (both low and high end) use the standard M43 Reed-green HBT tunic pattern. SS tunics did not use the same pattern. For those customers who sweat the details, these are not insignificant. A wider collar, rectangular breast pockets (no slant), belt hook hangars formed in loops, no chest darts and shorter hip pockets distinguish the SS pattern from its Heer counterpart. We did not overlook these changes.

Insignia: Our uniforms come without insignia- originals were issued with just a sleeve eagle. Other insignia and "bling", was not officially authorized (by the Waffen SS) for wear on these tunics. However, some soldiers did add shoulderboards and awards. Collar tabs are see only rarely.

Washing Instructions for 44 dot uniforms: Hand wash and hang dry only! I have experimented with these are this is by far the best option. There was no fading and the cloth softened up nicely. Linen does not like machines. They will survive washer/ dryer action, but the uniforms will get highlights and eventually the linen will begin to fuzz-up. So, DO NOT use washers or dryers on these.


(If we made them here, they'd cost $250+)

For information on original 44 Dot uniforms, click here

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