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Imported M43 Heer Tunic

Insignia Sold Separately

Price: $999.99

Product Code: GUJHM43


These are the same uniforms we have carried for several years- we have added "Imported" to the name to differentiate them from the new uniforms that we are manufacturing in-house.
Heer M43 Tunic
In late 1942, the Heer (Army) introduced a simplified version of the service tunic. Collector's have christened them "M43's". The coat was nearly identical to the previous "M40" model with 4 exceptions. The pocket pleats were eliminated to simplify production and conserve material, the pocket flaps were no longer scalloped, the lining was switched to acetate ("artificial silk") and the internal suspenders were replaced by short straps sewn directly to the tunic to hold the belt hooks. Our reproductions have all the details of the originals: 6-button front, hook and eye collar, darts, belt hook holes, acetate lining, split cuffs, collar bind buttons, first aid dressing pouch, shoulder board loops and so forth.
Note: The belt hook holes run small on these and are difficult to use. Some tunics also have 8 instead of 12. But they are really cheap so....

Insignia Sold Separately!

See the Heer Insignia page or the SS Insignia Page for a complete list of available insignia.
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*Insignia sewing and alterations available only after you have tried the uniform on and inspected the insignia.
*Not available for international orders.