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U.S. M6 Scabbard, Made in USA, Russet
Reproduction WWII M6 Scabbard made in USA by ATF

Price: $69.99

Product Code: USWM6R

This is the exact original
(left) I used for reference
Front and rear are
A threesome with two
ATF's and the old one

We now offer our USA made reproduction M6 scabbards in a russet brown shade. Originals were not dyed at the factory- when new, the color was natural leather, nearly white. They darkened with time, use, dirt, and exposure, eventually turning a dark chocolate brown. This batch I tinted to match my lightly used originals using two different oils, leather balm and some sunlight. After the color was acceptable, the scabbards were formed with an M3 knife. The zinc plating on the steel lace was prematurely aged with acid prior to assembly to give it the dingy gray look.
Yes, our regular scabbards will achieve a similar shade simply by wearing and using them- but this is a bit of a cheat.

Color: Some of these may be a bit darker than others- "aging" can be an inexact process around here. Also, different leather hides do not all react identically to oils, treatments, etc..There may also be a dark spot, stain, or streaks on the leather or light rust on the steel lace.

Made in USA