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About WWII Army Rank Chevrons

The US Army used a series of chevrons sewn on each sleeve to denote the ranks of PFC (private first class) up through all NCOs (Non-commissioned officers = Sergeants). Officers used collar insignia, not chevrons.

There are several types of chevrons used during WWII. As usual, reality and living historian fantasies often clash. Here is the historical reality. The three main styles of chevrons are wool, rayon and khaki.

In principle:
Khaki Chevrons were only for the khaki summer uniforms.
Wool Chevrons were for the Service Coats, Wool Shirts and "Ike" Jackets.
Rayon Chevrons were for Field Jackets.

However, in practice, the wool and rayon stripes can be found, originally sewn, on every style of uniform in the Army inventory. Khaki stripes are occasionally found on field and paratrooper jackets- I haven't seen them on wool shirts of service coats, but I wouldn't rule it out. There were also stencil kits issued allowing stripes to be painted directly onto field uniforms. Our grandfathers knew that rules are meant to be broken and often did so.

There is often some confusion on the background color of the wool and rayon insignia. It is actually a dark navy blue. Some appear to be black, and but in direct sunlight you can see that they are actually blue. The stripes themselves vary widely- many shades of olive or khaki can be found on originals. (Khaki chevrons use olive stripes on khaki background. The shade of olive varies greatly.) They were made by the million, so this is hardly a shock.

Again, being made by the million, there are numerous differences between manufacturers. Some are sewn, some folded, the weave varies, and many were sub-contracted in England. Left over insignia from World War One was also used, adding still more possibilities.

ATF reproductions:
In all cases, we copied originals. I chose those I consider to be among the most typical US produced varieties. All are excellent and very, very close to the original.
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