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Original Material Covers

Since at least the late 1970's, people have made reproduction SS helmet covers using original zeltbahns, smocks & scraps. Some were sold honestly, while many others were offered on the counterfeit market as "100% original found in a barn in the Ardennes". Legitimate original SS covers start around $5,000 and can fetch up to $20,000 for the rarest types. It's a very profitable market for fraud.
I made my first cover in 1988 from half a plant-tree zelt. Aside from the clips not being quite perfect, that one will fool most people. SS camo has been my hobby since I was 13 and I am very familiar with its in and outs. I've also accumulated a sizable stash of damaged zeltbahns that are perfect for making covers. So, here we are.
ATF original material covers: Each one is unique. Period. I use original thread, correct springs and a new generation of exact rocker clips in both anodized aluminum or parkerized steel. These are the closest you can get to a fully original cover- and at least you know what these are. They will be priced according to the cost & condition of the material- better colors and earlier war patterns will be more. The fabric is very expensive, we have the best repro clips made (no one has seen them until now) and I know how to do these properly. If you are mad because these aren't cheap, no problem. Do them yourself.

Fraud Prevention:
Before shooting off a rabid email about me "ruining the collector market", you need to know a few things. First, people have been making helmet covers from zelts since at least the 70's. These are hardly a first. There is one intentional assembly oddity on all covers I make, one which I can find readily. Many of these covers will be made from worn material, and anyone with even basic forensic knowledge will be able to see that they were sewn after the fabric was worn. If one of these turns up listed for sale as an original, and we are aware of it, we will gladly identify it was one of ours. We do not offer confidentiality agreements for the buyers. Lastly, I will retain photos of all covers we make.