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ATF's M41 Jackets

These jackets are exclusive to ATF. There are other reproductions, but none like these. Ours are completely correct, and we don't skimp on the fabrics and zippers. Several vendors claim to have the same jackets, but that is not true- we are the sole contractor of these. Most other reproductions are cheaper- but there is a reason. In order to keep the price low, they substitute thinner cotton for the shell and use cheap polyester flannel for the lining. You get what you pay for.

For photos and information on Original Field Jackets Click Here.

The Other Reproduction M41's

We are asked almost daily "why do your M41's cost more then Acme Militaria's?" The answer is simple: ours are not the same jackets. Many people new to this hobby mistakenly assume that all reproductions are the same. ATF M41's are not like everyone else's.
The majority of vendors offer the reproduction M41 Jackets from Sturm/ Miltec, which typically sell for about $75. It seems most vendors have stolen the same photo of them too...see the first photo below. I put the jacket in the same position as that used in the "universal" photo, which I believe came from Sportsmansguide. These jackets are generally well-made, but the materials are as cheap as possible. The lining is 100% polyester flannel (some vendors claim it's wool but it's not) and the shell is about 30% thinner than originals. Some have left opening zippers.
By comparison, our jackets are much heavier, use real wool in the lining, Talon zippers and are dead-on to the originals.

Further complicating things is that there are two batches of Sturm/ Miltec jackets- the first is the one in the "universal" photo. It has a large neck label and the color is decent. However, those are almost all gone now, and the new generation (2012-13) is a gorgeous pea green/ field gray color with a mint green lining. (Many originals are rather green, but this is over the limit- about the color of a Navy deck jacket).
I hope this explains what I mean when I tell you all that ours are NOT the same thing. If another vendor says their jackets are the same as ours, they're mistaken.

Old Generation Sturm/ Miltec
As shown in most photos

Current Sturm/ Miltec Jackets

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