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SS Canteen

Price: $119.99

Product Code: GGCSS

ATF SS Canteen Cup markings Cover markings Flask marking (RZM shown
SS is on the other side)
Original SS canteen
used as example
Original cup
Original cover
Comparison of cap

SS version of our top quality M31 canteens. Much of the equipment worn used by the Waffen SS was produced by their own contractors rather than obtained from regular military supply channels. In the case of canteens, they are identical to those use by the other services, aside from their markings. All components are SS RZM marked- the cup, strap, cap, flask neck and cover.

For our canteens, we copied these markings directly from an original, also pictured here for comparison. These are not "Indiana Jones" style fantasy stamps.

(RZM is the trademark symbol used by all manufacturers licensed by the NSDAP under the supervision of the Reichszeugmeisterei.)

The only deviation from the originals is that ours also have the three letter code maker mark on the metal pieces. Thus far we haven't been able to obtain "sterile" canteen parts.

Perfection: There are a few people out there who cannot comprehend why we don't use lasers to etch flawless markings on our products. Perhaps we're just mean spirited haters....or maybe we do them like they did 70 years ago with steel stamps and a hammer. All parts are marked but not all stamps are precise and flawless. If this is unacceptable the solution is simple- buy a laser and DIY.

Like our other canteens, these are build with correct wool felt covers, high quality raw-hide reinforced leather straps, and all parts will interchange with originals.