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Hungarian Equipment Straps
Hungarian Equipment Straps

Price: $4.99

Product Code: GGSHUNG

WWII and postwar Hungarian equipment straps. These are very similar to the German WWII models. 22" (56cm) long, they work fine as general purpose equipment straps, but they're are an extremely close fit on German mess tins. Russet brown leather or pigskin (they vary), black painted steel buckles, dates run from 1943-1956. We don't offer date or leather type choices.

1. No warranty! These are 60-70 years old. Although in good, mostly unused shape, leather that old can be fickle.
2. Yes, it is possible to dye them black and paint the buckles gray to "Germanize" them, although brown leather and black hardware are not unheard of on German straps.