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FJ Helmet Cover

Price: $39.99

Product Code: GHHCFJ

Splinter "B" pattern camo cover for the M38 German paratrooper helmet. This is the drawstring version with HBT web bands around the brow and across the top to attach foliage. The fabric is our own custom printed camo, the same used on our jump smocks. The gray HBT webbing and the white cotton twill tape drawcord are authentic WWII German fabrics. Exciting ain't it? These are made to fit the size 71 shell FJ helmets, and should fit smaller size original shells such as 68's and 66's.
Made in USA.
Quickie FAQ answers:
1. No, we will not be making these in any other camo patterns. That would be farb. (We do not have green fabric to make the plain ones.)

2. As with other things in helmet land; we have NO IDEA what other sorts of helmets (or furniture, dolls, yard decorations, sporting goods, sexual enhancement devices, pets, or vehicles) that these might fit on or look pretty wrapped around. They are made for M38 German Paratrooper helmets. That's all we know they fit for sure.