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SS Oak A Type II Helmet Cover

Price: $24.99

Product Code: GHHCSS2O



Reversible Waffen SS helmet cover with rocker clips. Available in three sizes, so please specify the size of your helmet shell when ordering.
Size III helmet covers are USA Made which is why they cost more.

Size Guide:
Size I: Fits our reproduction M42 helmets, original 60, 62, 64 shells.
Size II: Fits our reproduction M35 helmets, original 64 or 66 shells
Size III: Fits reproduction M40 and M35 helmets, original 66 and 68 shells.

Why the discrepancies between reproductions and originals?
Simple. Most reproduction helmets are not the exact size of originals, despite what the ads claim. The majority are about 1/2 size smaller.