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"Texled" M38 SS Smock, Plane Tree
"Texled" M38 SS Smock, Plane Tree

Price: $199.99

Product Code: GUSM38PT

ATF made reproduction of the Model 1938 Tarnjacke in "Planetree 1-2" camouflage. This was the first pattern of pullover camo jacket worn by the SS-VT (later Waffen SS) troops throughout WWII. This type of smock was standard issue to all Waffen SS units and was used until the end of the War. It was not specific to any particular unit, time period or combat theater.

The M38 was designed to be worn over the uniform and field equipment- the two vertical access slits in the front were meant to allow the soldier to access his ammunition pouches. Although this method of wear provided the best concealment effect, muffled the rattling of the gear and prevented branches from snagging the wearer, it proved impractical and is rarely seen being worn this way in period photos. The M38's most distinct characteristic is the elasticized neck and placket flap on the Fall side. On the earliest smocks, the neck opening is notably larger than later production M38's.

Like all of the SS Tarnjacken, the M38's are fully reversible with "Spring" colors on one side and "Fall" on the other. Most soldiers wore the cuffs tucked in and often rolled the skirt under the waistband.

Our Plane Tree pattern camouflage design and colors were taken from an original Zeltbahn. We opted for is roller printing rather than hand screening like originals due to the cost- it is impossible to tell the difference unless you cut the smock open, lay it out and measure the repeat. The cotton poplin is the same spec as WWII, custom loomed with fine yarn in a very tight 90 x 64 weave. This makes it water and wind resistant. Finally, we had it treated with Teflon durable water repellent finish to further enhance its performance. It is still not fully water proof, but it's superior to the original and any other reproduction made.

The smock itself is copied straight from our originals- which were huge. This was meant to fit all soldiers and be worn over the shirt, tunic and greatcoat. Unlike Heer smocks, the SS pullovers appear to have come in only one, very large size. (I have measured dozens of originals.) The chests have a circumference of 58-60", the sleeves are 20" around and cuff to cuff is 74+ inches.

The originals will fit up to 48" chests, yes, allowing for the uniform underneath. On small guys, they are enormous- but that's how they were in WWII for the real Waffen SS.

Some of our smocks Originals...

We assemble these like the genuine articles. They were sewn with medium and dark gray thread, with the side seams normally being closed using double-needle machines fitted with folders. When the thick areas of the material are fed through the folder, some of the raw edge nearly always comes out and is exposed. Every one of my originals (currently 7) has this characteristic. Some of ours do, some don't. This is totally authentic and is not a flaw despite looking a bit sloppy. If this is unacceptable, don't buy one....

Our drawcords are the correct 4mm flat rayon cord- originals came in numerous shades of green, gray, fieldgray, brown and even black. Leather laces were not "factory".

Lastly, we engineer in some shaded pieces. One almost universal characteristic of all SS camouflage items is the use of mixed shades of cloth. During printing, the colors shift some due to different dye batches, fluctuations in the concentration of the dye, variations in the quality of the cloth, and the skill of the printers. Nearly all (if not all) WWII smocks have one or more pieces that do not "match" the rest of the garment. The earlier smocks tend to be less radically mis-matched, but one can still find one or two small parts that are made from a different shade or even another pattern entirely. On the M38's we try to mix up the neck and waistbands using another shade.
We do not have any "100% matching" smocks.

Size: For now, we are only making "original" size smocks which will fit up to a 48" chest, maybe 50". Later in 2018 we plan to make some "Super Size" models for fuller figures.

Assembled in the USA with imported fabrics.

Washing: Hand wash or dry cleaning recommended.