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"Texled" M42 SS Smock, Blurred Edge
"Texled" M42 SS Smock, Blurred Edge

Price: $224.99

Product Code: GUSM42BE


Assembled using 3-5 different
shades of parts as was typical
for WWII smocks

Pattern made directly
from the originals

Correct cut placket with rayon

Original buttons, hand sewn
and reinforced

Double needle construction
with multiple thread shades

Cargo pockets, camo loops,
fully reversible

Armpit vents

Correct length and diameter

Mixed pattern neck bands, many
pieced from multiple scraps
as on originals

Higher waistband and longer
skirt than M38 and M40

Mixed pattern neck bands, many
pieced from multiple scraps
as on originals

Pockets made from linen
Reed green HBT fabric

Reproduction Waffen SS M42 Tarnjacke in blurred edge pattern camouflage. These pullover smocks are fully reversible, with custom woven and printed fabric, treated with Teflon water repellent finish.

The M42 first appears in WWII photos during the battle at Kursk in July 1943 (in very small numbers.) By the Summer of 1944, they are the most prevalent pattern seen. The "M42" or "Type II" (both names being collector inventions) featured improvements over the earlier designs of Tarnjacken. The waistline was raised several inches with two cargo pockets placed just below it, and sets of loops were added around the shoulders to hold foliage.

Like our other SS camouflage items, we copied authentic WWII examples, not other reproductions. Our smocks are the only ones that are as large as the real ones. The body is 58-60" around, sleeves are over 74" cuff to cuff and 20" in circumference. This is why they will easily fit up to 50" chest sizes. Yes, the WWII smocks were this big- if you're small they do fit like a garbage sack- just look in original photos to confirm this to be historically correct.

This first run of M42 smocks is assembled here in our factory. We spent an inordinate amount of time cutting parts from multiple shades of blurred edge and plane tree to mimic the period assembly traits. We had a small amount of our old fabric from 1999 that I cut into pocket flaps and camo loops. The neck bands are a mix of plane tree and blurred edge fabric, often made from 2-3 pieces of short scraps- just like they did in the SS Bekleidungswerk. For the smocks themselves, we spread equal quantities of our two shades of the new blurred edge, cut them out, then flipped the bodies over- this ensures that the small parts are mis-matched to the main body panels. Original blurred edge smocks are almost always made up of numerous shades of this pattern- "matching" is practically unheard of- I have actually never, ever seen one.

The Original Smock
we used for reference
Made from 4 shades of
blurred edge...
...plus plane tree waistband,
oakleaf camo loops...
3 piece neck band of plane tree
and blurred parts
Reinforced buttons

We sew these with a correct mix of dark and medium gray thread, on double needle machines. The pebbled pocket buttons are original WWII, and the pockets are reed green HBT fabric.

Cheaper Smocks next year: Later in 2018 we will have smocks made from this identical fabric for about half the price- but all panels will match as trying to engineer the shading gave them a seizure, so we dropped that idea. Those will also come in a "Super Size" to fit size 50+ figures.

Washing: We recommend hand wash or machine on "hand washables" setting, and hang dry. Machines and driers tend to leave highlights where the wrinkles rub on the sides of the tumbler.

Sizing: These are the same size as originals. HUGE. They will fit 34-50" chests. Next Spring we will have a larger size, but not at this time.

Assembled in USA