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MG34/42 Sling
MG34/42 Sling

Price: $74.99

Product Code: GWA42SLNG


Markings Compared to originals

Brand new reproduction slings for MG34's and MG42's. These are made using genuine American cowhide, which we spray with a light tan color dye that we had custom mixed for us to match unissued original German leather items. The hide is then treated and strap cut in our shop and we check each sling for flaws. Then the we ship the leather and hardware to our overseas contractor for hand sewing with linen thread.
These are completely different than the stinky, chocolate-brown painted water buffalo specials sold elsewhere. (Much of the leather from Asia is actually tanned in urine. Seriously.)

The pistol grip clasp is the universal size that will fit both MG34's and MG 42's.
Maker marked and Waffentamted. (The maker, date and WaA number may vary.)

Assembled overseas with American leather.