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Original G43 Pouch, ros
Original G43 Pouch, ros

Price: $99.99

Product Code: OMGGG43ROS

Original, unissued, brown leather G43 magazine pouch. These are made by "ros" and may vary slightly from photo. Nice, late War originals. Some storage dirt, minor corrosion of the rivets, and slightly dry leather is likely after 65+ years of storage.

Sold individually! This is NOT a pair.
Markings: Most if not all are marked "ros", however the stamps can be very faint. These pouches are absolutely 100% original. Scant and faint markings are typical of '44-'45 production German gear. If we were pimping fakes, we'd make sure to have them plastered in markings...

This may be news to many, but markings do NOT equal original. Although we have plenty of maker code and Waffenamt stamps, we will not "freshen these up" as that ruins their originality. If you want big blazing stamps, get a reproduction!