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"British Made" Haversack

Price: $99.99

Product Code: USGBPHVBM


Reproduction of the M1928 Haversacks made under contract in Britain. Due to supply shortages, and to help offset Britain's lend lease debts, British companies manufactured dozens of items of equipment for the US military. These were issued concurrently with the American made M1928 and M1910 Haversacks. An original, unissued example was copied directly. The 100% cotton #8 canvas duck is a slightly greener shade than our regular Haversacks, and the unique British pattern hardware and web is perfectly reproduced. The quality is outstanding- many people will mistake these for originals. Yes, they are THAT good.

These include the mess tin pouch and pack tail (aka "diaper") as pictured.
Marked ATF 1942.

1. These are NOT made in England.
2. These were used by American soldiers, NOT British.


Size: The straps on these packs are the same length as originals. Thus, if you are over 6' in height, or if you're "super size" these may not be long enough.

How the hell does this thing go together? The Haversack is a rather unique (bizarre) design, one that I personally suspect was conceived by participants involved in early human experiments with LSD...

Click on the link for a reprint of the
Army Field Manual: How to Pack the Haversack