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Reproduction US Paratrooper Helmet Liner

Price: $59.99

Product Code: USHLPECON



A new, low cost alternative to original liners. The plastic liner shell comes complete with sweatband, nape strap, A-yokes, chin cup, and leather chinstrap. They also have the snaps to secure the steel pot straps. All are parts are brand new and clean.

The A-yokes are "khaki". The rest of the suspension is od green as shown in photos.

These will fit both front and rear seam steel pots.

Note: Only the A-yokes and chin cup are ATF parts. The other parts (*chinstrap and *sweatband) are not our high quality reproductions.

*The hardware used in the liners isn't the sturdiest stuff. You may need to tighten the sweatband clips with pliers or channel locks. These liners were made with low price in mind. Cheap, cheap, cheap has consequences.

All liners are as shown in photos.