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WWII M1 Helmet Liner, restored
WWII M1 Helmet Liner, restored

Price: $99.99

Product Code: USHM1LIN

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Restored US military issue helmet liners. We take authentic WWII (a few are postwar manufacture, but identical to WWII, and impossible to distinguish unless you lift the webbing out and look for the tiny maker mark in the crown) American helmet liners, completely remove the old, usually rotten, suspension, clean and repaint the outside, then refit the interior with brand new, US made reproduction webbing, chinstraps, and sweatbands.

Manufacturers: You may request a specific maker (Capac, Siemens, etc), but we cannot guarantee we'll have it. We sort these by condition, not manufacturer.

Condition: These liners are not new. They are 70+ years old, and most have seen years of field duty and some combat. Most have some evidence on the liner body of past use- wear at the rim, minor warping, small nicks, chips or cracks. Many also have soldiers' names, service or unit numbers written or painted inside- we leave those intact.
All are totally serviceable the imperfections are cosmetic only. Liners with major damage we do not bother restoring.

Hand select: These will be in the best shape with little or no visible wear or damage. However, it is unlikely that any will be 100% flawless.

Rim wear Small cracks Small chips