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Ech Jup Uniform Se
Ech Jup Uniform Se

Price: $99.99

Product Code: USPM42ES

Echo Jump Jacket Size*:

Echo Jump Trouser Size*:


Reproduction M1942 Jump Uniform as worn by US Army Paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions during the invasion of Normandy.

We have developed our "Echo Brand" line of uniforms as a lower cost alternative to our regular products. These Jump Uniforms are still made using the patterns copied from our original examples, but we have saved money by using generic brand snaps and zippers, and a slightly different 100% cotton twill. Unlike many "bargain" uniforms available on the internet, these still fit properly- no shoulders drooping to your elbows, belts on your nipples, hourglass shaped bodies, cargo pockets on your ankles etc.And, unlike many of the cheaper sets, you can mix and match whatever jacket and trouser sizes you wish.

How are these different from our other M42's?
1. These do NOT have the zinc plated snaps.
2. These do NOT have Talon zippers.
3. Fewer sizes.
4. The fabric is a slightly different type of twill.(Not discernible unless you have a fabric scale.)
5. They are less olive and more "KHAKI" in shade.

Uniforms are slightly oversized to allow for shrinkage. Shrinkage is approximately 2" in length (the chest and waist do not shrink appreciably.)

Best option is cold wash and hang dry for longest life and least fade. If you wash and or dry them in a machine, we recommend flipping them inside out to prevent damage to the snaps during tumbling.