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Original US WWII Waterproof Rifle Case
Original US WWII Waterproof Rifle Case

Price: $29.99

Product Code: USWCOND


Original WWII Issue Waterproof Bag for rifles and carbines. These are what were used on D-day and other amphibious operations to keep water and sand out of the troops' weapons during landings. Contrary to "Saving Private Ryan", these are not clear in color but rather (not surprisingly) olive drab. Dated January 1945. These are all from the same batch and there are none with earlier dates.

In most cases the stamp is smudged and impossible to read- I had to go through a couple dozen to find a legible stamp for the photo. (We don't offer "hand select best markings.")

This will fit Garands, M-1 Carbines, Springfields, B.A.R.s, and possibly .30 cal MG's. (I don't have one to test fit. )