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M1907 Rifle Sling, Made in USA

Price: $74.99

Product Code: USWW07RS


Parkerized hardware

Sewn with tan linen thread like originals

Compared to the original we copied

A little more oiling and time and
they will be very hard to tell apart.

Same steel rivets as WWII.

Near mint original has darkened
after 71 years- but area shaded by a
keeper shows it was lighter when new..

Die cut on our press.

Skived, creased, and edged like originals

Correct bevel-headed steel rivets

New WWII pattern M1907 pattern leather slings for M1903 and M-1 Rifles. This product is a reproduction of the slings made during WWII- meaning they have steel rather than brass hardware like those made in WWI.
These are NOT the chintzy brown-painted water buffalo afterbirths sold in Shotgun News...
The M1907 slings are made by us, in our shop in Columbia, Ky.
We start with the finest 8 oz. cowhide available, strap cut it to 1.25", hot-oil it by hand, crease the straps, then cut the holes with gang dies. Sewn with linen thread. The leather is thick yet supple and the color is the correct light russet tan of an unissued original.

This will fit any weapon with 1.25" sling retaining loops.

About Leather Color
We have had quite a few complaints over our "white leather gear"- slings or holsters. They don't understand that originals started out very, very light tan. The dark chocolate or mahogany brown color of used originals is the result of heavy use, exposure, oil and in some cases, dye or polish applied by the soldiers. Our slings will darken that same way. It just takes a bit of time & effort. Using Neetsfoot oil helps to condition and waterproof leather. It's a common product used on many outdoor leather products- such as fieldgear, holsters, work boots, saddles, tack, etc, etc..

Made in USA
Marked "Kirkman 1942".

Installation Instructions: Click Here
Here's the diagram from the manual: (Click on the pic for larger image)