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Assault Vest, OD#3
Assault Vest, Khaki

Price: $249.99

Product Code: USGAVK

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ATF's Vests: Made from water repellent #10 cotton duck, with all the details of the original. (Yes, we own one.) The assault vest was intended to replace the cartridge belt, suspenders and pack. The vest features grommets at the waist to attach canteens and first aid pouches, the entrenching tool was fastened to the upper rear flap (as on a Haversack), large upper and lower pockets at the rear for personal items, grenades pouches, and six cargo/ ammunition pouches.

The markings are professionally applied and the ink is heat cured for durability. It is water based and does not have the vinyl texture like some t-shirts. Maker marks may vary.

Canteen and shovel

Made in USA with US materials and genuine Scovil and Stimpson hardware.

Made in USA

Vests are over-sized to compensate for wearing a uniform underneath.