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Historical Research and Reference

If you know of a site that you think is a good historical reference, feel free to submit it. Again, it must be relevant to the WWII period. Please avoid personal and "dedication" sites unless they offer some genuine historical insight, info or photos. I do not want a page that's a mile long, cluttered with piddly sites paying homage to someone's dog, on free servers that assault people with dozens of pop-ups. If the site is really good, I'll let some annoying ads slide, but it really aggravates me as well as many others.


Bovington: England's armor museum.
Panzer Museum: Munster, Germany.
Patton Museum: US Armor museum at Ft. Knox, Ky.
8th Air Force Museum: Savannah, Ga.

General WWII
Military History Online: Book reviews and articles on battles and campaigns. Good stuff.
WWII Casualites: National Archives database of US military dead and missing, organized by state and name..
From D-day to VE-day: Tour service for ETO battlefields.
WWII Letters: Actual letters written by troops and their families.

Combat Chronicles of US Army Divisions in WWII: Great guide as to what each divsion did and its componenet units.
Extracts From History: Great info site for US WWII Reenactors.
The M-1 Helmet: Useful site about US helmets.
WW2 Airborne: The best overview of all US WWII airborne units. Unit histories, subunits, TO & E's, honor rolls, and links.
US Army Quartermaster Museum:
Very interesting site about the outfitting of the Army.
US Military Uniforms of WWII: Excellent (though incomplete) index of US uniforms with details of War Department specifications.

German The best U-Boat site with histories of every German submarine. Search by boat number, losses, shipyard built, wolf pack etc, etc. One of the more volumous and informative sites I've ever seen.
U-869: Site dedicated to the boat and men of "U-who", found off New Jersey n 1991.
Axis History Factbook: Complete directory of all German and axis military units in WWII. Covers all branches of each nation's armed forces. General WWII German military history site.
Aktion Rheinhard Camps: Detailed histories of the death camps. Belzec, Sobibor, Majdenek, Treblinka, labor camps, ghettos etc.
G43/G41/MP44 Page: Great infor and pics of original slings, mags, pouches & guns.
The Warsaw Uprising: Site about the battle for Warsaw.