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Summer M41 Jacket
Summer M41 Jacket

Price: $69.99

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Lining is the same
cotton as the shell
s Same details as the
regular M41's

During WWII, nearly every men's clothing company made uniforms for the troops. Many offered their own, slightly modified versions of the service uniforms. There were numerous "knock offs" of the various coats and field jackets, which soldiers could purchase on their own. Aftermarket M41's often had cotton lining or removable linings of varying weights. Our Summer M41's are representative of one of the many options a soldier with some extra pay could choose from. (I have also owned two original issue M41's that had tailor modified removeable linings.)

The Summer M41's are identical to our regular M1941 Field Jackets except that they are lined with cotton fabric instead of wool. Eliminating the wool lining cuts the price immensely, creates a cooler jacket for wear at warm weather events, is far less historically offensive than polyester, and allows the jacket to be washed and dried in a machine. Externally, there is no way to distinguish these from our more expensive jackets.

Color: These are the same color as the jackets used in World War II. That was olive drab - not "khaki". (Original jackets, as well as ours, say "OD" right on the label.)

Sizing: Order your normal jacket size.

Care: Although these are washer/ dryer safe, cold wash and hang dry is still the best option for longest life and least fading.

Shrinkage: Yes, we know these will shrink 1.5 - 2 inches in length. We added material to compensate. There is almost no shrinkage in diameter (chest/ waist measure).

Detergent: We use Arm and Hammer, Tide or Woolite.

Never use bleach!
Only meatheads use bleach on military uniforms and we know none of our customers are meatheads.

100% cotton