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"Kreta" Cuff Title "Kreta" Cuff Title

Awarded for service in the invasion of Crete. Any service member who participated in actions on, above or around the island during the invasion of May 1942 was eligible. Worn on the left sleeve.

Price: $19.99
"Afrika" cuff title "Afrika" cuff title

This cuff title is for survivors of the campaign in North Afrika. Instituted in January, 1943, this was awarded to veterans of any branch of service who had served at least 6 months in Africa, or 3 months and been wounded in action.
Worn on the left sleeve.

Price: $19.99
Metz 1944 Cuff Title Metz 1944 Cuff Title

Introduced on 28 December, 1944, this cuff band was awarded to troops who fought during the defense of the fortress city of Metz from the period 27 August until 25 September, 1944. Troops from all branches of the armed forces were eligible, as soldiers from both Heer and SS as well as NSDAP personnel were employed in the battle.

Worn on the left cuff.

Price: $19.99