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ATF Insignia Sewing

We will gladly machine sew insignia on your uniforms. However, once sewn the insignia and uniform(s) are not returnable so we strongly recommend you try them on before having us sew anything. The reason for the no return policy is simple. Stitch holes. Would you want a jacket with stitch holes where someone else's insignia had been moved or removed? Once sewn, the garment becomes "used".

If you are not sending in your own insignia you need to put the insignia in the shopping cart as well as the sewing option. The insignia is NOT included in the sew service.

Sewing Schedule: Monday through Wednesday. If you order overnight on a Wednesday your order may not ship until the following Monday, so plan accordingly.

Sewing Notes

No hand sewing: We are able to sew on most WWII German and US insignia. The exceptions are the hand embroidered patches. Due to the metal wire thread, the presser foot of the machine often damages the patch, so they must be hand-sewn. We do not offer hand sewing due to the labor time required.

No German Cap insignia: We no longer sew insignia on caps due to too many demands to remove the lining first, and complaints that the insignia is one or two micrometers off center, too high, too low, etc. During WWII it was very common for soldiers to sew their patches on by hand.

No "Spiess" Rings: We don't have the post machine necessary to get these parallel and razor straight to the degree that living historians demand.

Sewing will require a 5-7 days shipping delay, depending on our workload. We sew insignia Monday-Wednesday as time permits, and we do not offer any sort of expedited service.

Be sure of your size(s)! Sewn Uniforms and insignia are NOT RETURNABLE!

Attention! You only need to choose these options if you want us to sew insignia on a uniform you are purchasing! If you are only buying insignia, then there is nothing for us to sew it to.

1. You MUST choose insignia for us to sew. Insignia is NOT INCLUDED with the sewing service.
2. You also need to choose a uniform for us to sew the patch(es) to. We can't sew them to air.
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