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Reproduction of the iconic WWII Navy N1 Deck Jacket. Like all of our uniforms, we started with several authentic examples from the War, in a range of sizes to create the pattern, materials, and colors. The shell is made from a tough corduroy ribbed cotton, (called "jungle cloth" by the Navy), and inside the body, sleeves and collar is a warm artificial pile fur lining. Tubular knit internal cuffs keep the heat in, and a drawcord at them hem allows the bottom to be closed.

All of these jackets are "sterile"- meaning no "U.S.N." stencil on the chest. Most originals have it, but a few did not. Last Fall, I wore an original deck jacket out barhopping and got fed up with hearing "thank you for your service sailor" every 4 minutes. (Sorry, I was a paratrooper- almost as bad as a Marine right?)

Overall these look as nice as the much more expensive reproductions, the only major difference being the lining. It's physically lighter in weight than that used in high end (and original) jackets- but it kept the price down- and looks & works great.

Fit: Divide your shoe size by the square root of 1944, multiply by your age, then throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder and say "Geronimo." Your size will appear in blue letters in the eastern sky...

We have gotten the nuttiest questions about this. Just order your size as per the drop down box. There's no magic decoder ring nor astrology chart needed. These are cut like the other military field jackets. If your chest is 41", 42", 43" or 44", order a Large. If it's 39", order a Medium and so forth. It's really simple.

Hand wash cold/ hang dry


If we made these in the USA they'd cost $300+ and we'd have to import the materials anyway because the mills have all gone bankrupt.
Buzz Rickson N1's are very nice, but made in Japan....and cost $400.