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Price: $14.99

Product Code: GFAHOB


Reproduction. Correct size and style for WWI and WWII German jackboots and lowboots. These are the split prong style instead of the nail style. (Either is correct.)

How to: Yes, it is very possible to install these in leather soled boots. A shoe last is required and a pilot hole must first be started- you cannot just smash them into the sole. It is advisable to use a competent cobbler or shoe repair shop.
Quantity: A "bag" contains about 100 nails. However, the first one I checked had 99, the next 102. So, I can't promise an exact number, but it's more than you need to do a pair of boots. Yes, I know a pair of boots requires only 74-78 nails. This is not an attempt to rape your wallet. They are pre-bagged. We're not going to spend 3 weeks re-counting tens of thousands of hobnails. They do fall out over time and this gives you spares. Want just 78? We'll ship you a bag and you can throw 20 or so away...