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German WWII Low Boots

Shown with optional leather laces

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Reproduction WWII German Schnurschuhe. Although the German military had issued ankle boots for most of the 20th Century, until 1942 the Jackboot (Marschstiefel) had been the primary field boot. As the War wore on, the low boots began to replace them in order to save leather. By 1944, Low Boots (normally worn with Gamaschen) were the most common footwear in most units of the German Armed Forces.

The Low Boots were issued to the troops in brown- some soldiers opted to polish them black, while others left them brown. It appears that polish (rather than dye) was used to color them, so many worn originals that appear black will actually show brown color coming through.

Our Low Boots are medium brown leather, with 4 hooks and 4 eyelets, complete with hobnails and heel irons. They have the "shark nose" toe that most Living Historians prefer.

These boots are completely changed from previous generations.

Sizing: We have only whole sizes 6-13. The factory that made these has closed. There will no other sizes, no restocks, and we have no ability to make custom orders.
These are running a half size big. A 10 measures 29cm. The boots were often sized large to accommodate 2 pairs of socks.

Variations: As with nearly all German WWII gear, there are numerous production variations on the Low Boots. The height, toe shape, number and type of eyelets, sole construction, number of hobnails, style of heel and toe irons, and some have hooks while others do not.

Dye them! The German military issued their boots in brown and then they were blackened by the soldiers. If they wanted them black, why didn't they manufacture them that way? No one knows. Regardless, troops in original photos always have blackened their boots, and used originals are also blackened. The easiest way is with a dye kit. Click here.