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Texled 6 cell MP40 Pouch, Green
Texled 6 cell MP40 Pouch, Green

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGAMP406PKG


All details like the original.

Closures have woven holes,
and LUX tips just like originals.
Magazines fit in "sideways".
(Mags and loader NOT included.)

The 6 cells are the rarest pattern of all the MP40 pouches. These are often somewhat misidentified as "Fallschirmjager" pouches, but they are actually a non-troop specific design. Many armored vehicles had racks for them- and they are shown in the early MP40 manuals as simply a second style of pouch. However, some paratroopers (and other German soldiers) occasionally carried them. With the shoulder strap they are a very handy, easy to use alternative to the belt mounted pouches.

Like all German MP magazine pouches, the 6 cells came in a wide range of colors and variations. Gray, green, bue-gray, and tan exist. Our green pouches are the mid-War pattern, made with olive canvas and a mix of tan and gray web fittings. Sewn with linen and cotton thread. This is one variation sometimes considered to be a "Fallschirmjager" item.

Our shoulder straps are olive, German pattern webbing, with exact reproduction snap hooks- unique to these straps. Our straps are made with exact reproduction snaps hooks and 45mm webbing. Just for reference, original 6 packs sell for over $5,000. The straps along can fetch $1,500. Yes, it's insane.
Like our other MP pouches, these have been astronomically expensive to create- namely to have the materials and hardware custom made.
There are much cheaper reproductions available, but they look nothing like these. These particular pouches are exclusive to us- they are not available anywhere else.

For more info and pictures of originals, the MP40 website is a good reference.

Sold individually. These were not normally used in pairs.

All pouches are test-fitted with real MP40 magazines.
Materials made in USA, pouches partially assembled overseas.

1. Did "regular" (other than Fallschirmjager) troops use these? Undoubtedly so- but photos of them in use are very rare.

2. Extra shoulder straps? No. We have no spare straps.