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Texled 6 cell MP40 Pouch, Tan
Texled 6 cell MP40 Pouch, Tan

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGAMP406PKT


The 6 cells are the rarest pattern of all the MP40 pouches. These are often somewhat misidentified as "Fallschirmjager" pouches, but they are actually a non-troop specific design. Many armored vehicles had racks for them- and they are shown in the early MP40 manuals as simply a second style of pouch. However, some paratroopers (and other German soldiers) occasionally carried them. With the shoulder strap they are a very handy, easy to use alternative to the belt mounted pouches.

Like all German MP magazine pouches, the 6 cells came in a wide range of colors and variations. Gray, green, bue-gray, and tan exist. Our tan pouches are the later War pattern, made with brown leather fittings and linen canvas with red stripes. Our fabric was specially made in Belgium, and all hardware was made from original samples. Sewn with linen and cotton thread.

Our shoulder straps are olive, German pattern webbing, with exact reproduction snap hooks- unique to these straps. For this later War style it would be "more typical" to have the steel hook, rather than aluminum, but I could not find a steel original to copy- original straps fetch around $1,500 by themselves. (The last real pouch I saw offered sold for $6,500 without the shoulder strap.)

Like our other MP pouches, these have been astronomically expensive to create- namely to have the materials and hardware custom made.
There are much cheaper reproductions available, but they look nothing like these. These particular pouches are exclusive to us- they are not available anywhere else.

For more info and pictures of originals, the MP40 website is a good reference.

Sold individually. These were not normally used in pairs.

All pouches are test-fitted with real MP40 magazines.
Materials made in USA, pouches partially assembled overseas.

1. Did "regular" (other than Fallschirmjager) troops use these? Undoubtedly so- but photos of them in use are very rare.

2. Extra shoulder straps? No. We have no extra shoulder straps.