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Luftwaffe MP40 "6 Pack" Pouch, Type 2
Luftwaffe MP40 "6 Pack" Pouch, Type 2

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGAMP406T2


Top quality Reproduction of the 6 cell MP40 magazine pouch designed for vehicle and aircrews, but often adopted by the Fallschirmjäger due to it's handy design. The pouch could be carried either by a 45mm wide shoulder strap, or by wearing it on the service belt via a pair of loops on the back. A smaller pocket was provided for the loading tool. (Some originals omit this). Our pouch was designed from an original in Axis & Allies collection. The "Type 2" has web closures rather than leather. There are no other reproductions of this caliber available anywhere.

Each pouch is inspected and test-fitted with real MP40 pouches.

Imported but assembled with some USA made materials