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Luftwaffe MP40 Pouches, Type 3
Luftwaffe MP40 Pouches, Type 3

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGAMP40LWT3


New exact reproduction of the Luftwaffe Feldblau MP40 pouches. The closures are made with the special order webbing with woven buttonholes, peculiar to original German WWII fieldgear. This was very expensive to have made, but the results are worth it.

Our pouches are made using patterns made from a real WWII pouch, with a mix of imported and USA made materials. These are the correct size for the mags and loader, and the straps are correctly hand sewn.

Pouch "Types": WWII German fieldgear was made by the hundreds of thousands and exhibits numerous manufacturing variations. The colors of the canvas and leather are simply differences due to available materials used by different contractors during the War. Modern enthusiasts often prefer one color or another for their own personal tastes and this is why we offer many of the most common WWII varieties of fieldgear. There is no operational significance to these differences.