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"Texled" Tropical A-Frame
"Texled" Tropical A-Frame

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGBAFT


Next to an original.

Correct Mess Tin Strap

Single loops for equipment straps.

Exact reproduction. Markings may vary.

There are no reproduction A-frames likes these. These are basically "brand new originals". All webbing has been shuttle loomed on period equipment, the hardware is identical to the originals down to the "LUX" codes on the strap tips. Sewn with cotton and linen threads.

About A-frames: The A-Frame "Assault Pack" was designed as a means to enable the soldier to carry a substantial amount of equipment without having to use the entire rucksack or tornister pack. When the need for speed required a lighter load still, the "Assault Pack" could easily be removed from the Y-straps and left to be picked up later. In theory, it held all the soldier's non-combat critical items and gear. The A-frame, was designed to carry the zeltbahn, mess tin, and a blanket or overcoat. A small bag was usually provided to hold a few personal items- such as iron rations, change of socks, underwear, gloves, cleaning kit, etc..