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M44 Service Belt
M44 Service Belt

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Product Code: GGM44B

M44 Belt Size*:


In 1943, the German military introduced an improved version of their standard service belt. (Collectors have dubbed them "M44" but many originals dated a year earlier exist.) The "tongue" to which the prongs on the belt buckles attached were eliminated and the holes were simply punched directly through the belt. Although not quite as attractive, these are sturdier and easier to use, traits which are far more attractive for combat troops than beauty.

Size notes:

1. The metric size is the total length of the belt end to end- not the waist size it fits. That's how the Germans marked them- many people already know their size in that way.
2. German belts have 4.5" (11cm) of adjustment. So, a 32" will adjust from about 33" to 37.5". This allows for your tunic, shirt, greatcoat, smock, parka etc.
3. Choosing your size is very simple- if you wear size 36 pants, then order a size 36 (110cm) belt, and so forth.