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MG Gunners Pouch, Black
MG Gunners Pouch, Black

Price: $39.99

Product Code: GGPGP

Complete reproduction accessory pouch for the MG 34/ 42 gunners. High-quality all the way around, complete with all internal fittings to secure the "spider" anti-aircraft sight, spare bolt, ruptured casing extractor, and wrench. Other accessories simply fit in around these items... sorry, we cannot supply the accessories.

Made from hand-sewn black leather with belt loops and D-ring (for Y-strap attachment) on the rear; the AA sight's holder is made from sheet steel and thin plywood to prevent the sight from being bent, just like the originals. Imported

AA sight holder note:
Although these are the MG34 pattern sheet metal bracket (without the triangular cut out) some MG42 AA sights fit in them- namely the ones without the screw and nut where the post attaches to the base of the sight itself. The ones with the screw are too thick to rotate to the side to clear the flap. It is also possible to cut the notch in the sheet metal with tin snips so the sight will clear.

From Experience: When I use my '42, I don't carry the AA "spider sight" in mine because it tends to rattle. A spare bolt, some REM oil and a shell extractor with a rag jammed in to keep everything quiet is most practical.