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MG Gunners Pouch, Tan
MG Gunners Pouch, Tan

Price: $39.99

Product Code: GGPGPT


Late War pattern MG Gunner pouch. In 1943-44, these pouches began to appear made from Presstoff rather than leather. Some were black, others, like these, were "ordnance tan". I debated trying to reproduce "Pressstoff", but after some experimenting decided to use leather instead. Pressstoff is made from layers of cardboard and thin leather and the original tends to come apart with use- and we did not want that to happen with these no matter how "original" that might be. So these are made from tan painted leather instead.
Complete reproduction accessory pouch for the MG 34/ 42 gunners. High-quality all the way around, complete with all internal fittings to secure the "spider" anti-aircraft sight, spare bolt, ruptured casing extractor, and wrench. Other accessories simply fit in around these items... sorry, we cannot supply the accessories.

Made from hand-sewn leather with belt loops and D-ring (for Y-strap attachment) on the rear; the AA sight's holder is made from sheet steel and thin plywood to prevent the sight from being bent, just like the originals.