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Mkb42 Pouches, original material
Mkb42 Pouches, original material

Price: $199.99

Product Code: GGPMKBO


The Mkb42 pouches are the rarest of all Wehrmacht ammunition pouches- and we made them with original WWII German canvas. Our pouches are the closest thing you can get to a real pair, bar none. Besides using the correct 60 year-old canvas, we assemble them with 100% linen thread, and a mix of original and exact reproduction hardware.

The Mkb pouches are first pattern of Sturmgewehr pouches. This was the most frequently (basically the only) type seen in period photos until the summer of 1944. These are NOT "late War" as a few sources claim. All known examples are dated 1943. This design, although simpler than the later pouches, is faulty. The magazines tend to push the corners of the flaps to the side and fall out.

The photo shows how these were meant to be worn- as though one is facing the soldier. The magazines are worn turned the opposite direction. However, the cells are roomy and you may simply turn them the other direction- which is more comfortable and practical in the field. Sold only in pairs.