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MP44 Pouches Type I (original material)
MP44 Pouches Type I (original material)

Price: $199.99

Product Code: GGPMP44-TYPE-I


These are the first completely correct reproductions of the early pattern MP43/44 pouches. This was the first model made separate flaps for each magazine- after feedback was received from troop trials in early 1943. They lack the bottom reinforcement of the later production pouches. Although most original Type I's are dated 1943 but these would have been issued and used until the end of the War.

Original Material: We have a few meters of original WWII German canvas, which we used for these. It's a coarse, field gray linen canvas, identical to what was used on the real Type I pouches. (See comparison pic). The leather parts are new- old leather looks cool and we contemplated using it- but it's not very sturdy and it would make these too easy to pimp out as original- so we did not use it.
For the flap lining, we have used a mix of black book-binding leather and split, natural leather. The flaps are lined helter-skelter like the real ones were. All hardware is custom made reproduction. There are no closer pouches available. These are as close to new-unissued pouches as you can get anywhere in the universe. Sold only in pairs.