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Texled Tropical Breadbag
Texled Tropical Breadbag

Price: $59.99

Product Code: GGPTBB


Since leather could dry out and become brittle in extreme heat, the Germans introduced a "Tropical" model. These are identical to the M40, except that all leather parts have been replaced with canvas or webbing. In reality, these were issued throughout the Reich and appeared in all theaters of War. Our bags are made from an original sample and are exact in all details with exception to the 3 inside straps that hold the flap closed- originals usually have webbing with buttonholes actually woven into the cloth- ours are sewn. Stitch nazi stuff.

ATF's Texled Reproduction Breadbags:

We manufacture these breadbags ourselves- in a roundabout way. Our canvas and leather are US made.
The color is olive. It is color-matched to original, unissued fabric- it is most frequently encountered on 1941-43 dated original packs and bags made from better quality canvas. The mustard/khaki color canvas is normally the coarse, linen type fabric- which was not available domestically.

Our leather parts are not machine-sewn with lightweight garment thread as are nearly all other reproductions. We use the correct, heavy 4 and 5 strand linen cord. The hardware is exact reproduction. No cheesy bronze O-rings or hand forged center hooks. We cut all the parts here in Columbia, then ship them overseas for the hand sewing, then do the final assembly here. Saves lots of time and avoids carpal tunnel claims...