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German "Tropical" Rucksack
German "Tropical" Rucksack

Price: $124.99

Product Code: GGRTROP

Shoulder Strap Type:


Reproduction of the Model 31 Rucksack made with web closures. These have been incorrectly declared "Tropical", "DAK" or "southern front" wear by enthusiasts who think any German gear not made with leather is automatically reserved for use in the tropics. These were used in all theaters in which the German military operated, but the name has stuck, so we refer to them as such.

These are the best reproduction of this pack made today. Aside from their sheer newness, they will pass as original. The pattern came directly from a dis-assembled original, and all components were reproduced (as opposed to finding "similar" things) exactly, right down to the olive brown HBT binding tape, 18mm webbing and cotton/ linen canvas.

They feature 2 external and 2 internal pockets, large main pocket, correctly reproduced German pattern webbing with steel slides and "LUX" tips. The main sack can be secured with a heavy cotton cord fixed through zinc plated grommets. The D-hooks allow the pack to attach to the Y-straps and a large D ring at the top provide a means to hang it on a wall or vehicle. How big is it? The pack in the photo is stuffed with an SS "Kharkov" parka, and 2 US tanker jackets. Each outer pocket contains three t-shirts.

These packs were designed to attach to the Y-straps and have no integral shoulder straps. During WWII, soldiers often made improvised carrying straps and we have designed some based off period examples. Both canvas and leather straps are available and included in the price. If you don't need shoulder straps, it's $20 cheaper.

Imported but made with some US parts.