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SS Oakleaf Zeltbahn
SS Oakleaf Zeltbahn

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGTOZ

https://www.atthefront.com/g_images/gear/oak_zelt_br_s.jpg https://www.atthefront.com/g_images/gear/oak_zelt_hw_s.jpg https://www.atthefront.com/g_images/gear/oak_zelt_comp_s.jpg
Fall colors
Correct Zinc plated
buttons and grommets
Compared to an
original Oak zeltbahn

New production. These are made from the same fabric as our "Oak Leaf A" pattern camouflage used on Smocks and helmet covers. These are the same size and pattern as originals, complete with 3-hole buttons and zinc grommets. Yes, the buttons are sewn on. By hand. The cotton poplin is woven to the same specifications as original cloth. It is water repellent, but not water proof. (Like originals.)

These are NOT the Sturm zelts sold by almost everyone else. We contracted these directly and no one else carries them. They are comparable in quality to the zelts made by SM we have carried in the past which are almost twice as much.