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Splinter Zeltbahn
Splinter Zeltbahn

Price: $99.99

Product Code: GGTSZ

"Dark" side "Light" side Zinc plated grommets
and 3-hole buttons,
identical to originals

Are the colors "correct"???
Looks like it...

Reproduction of the shelter quarter that was standard issue to all German troops of the Heer (Army), Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine. (Waffen SS troops also used them occasionally.) The Zeltbahn could be worn as a poncho, used individually as a ground sheet to make a lean-to, or, most often, four were buttoned together to make a pyramid tent. However, they were made in a such a way that literally any number could be combined to make larger and larger tents. Both sides were printed in the same "Splinter" pattern camouflage, with one side being notably darker than the other to fit varying light conditions in the environment the troops were operating in.

Each soldier was issued one Zeltbahn, but it's not difficult to find period photos where it'd obvious that the troops often "acquired" one or two extra.

These are NOT available from any other vendor! Our new Splinter Zeltbahns are exclusive to ATF. We have spent over a year working with our overseas contractor to develop and replacement for the Sturm reproductions that get worse with every run.

The fabric was custom loomed from fine 100% cotton yarn- it's as tightly woven as the original poplin. This is where the material in WWII got it's water repellancy- the fibers were very tightly woven and they swelled when wet, closing any remaining openings. We went one step further and had the cloth treated with Teflon to make it even more water repellant.

The colors were taken directly from original Zeltbahns- it took 4 tries before I was satisfied, but the printer did an excellent job. Original Splinter varies widely, but I chose very "typical" shades for the light and dark sides. (In other words, there are literally dozens of "correct" colors.)

Our buttons and grommets are zinc plated like those used during most of WWII. (Pre- and early War zelts had aluminum fittings.) With time and use, they will turn dull gray. We also double checked the button and buttonhole spacing carefully- our Zeltbahns can be joined to originals no problem. (We cannot vouch for other reproductions!)


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